About Tyrone Gaines

After finishing my formal education I went into a career in a field I didn’t like or really wanted to work in.   Later on, I got a job printing out reports about website traffic and how much the medium-sized corporation made from its website each day. I was hired to be an “internet marketing specialist”.

After learning how to build websites I definitely had a love/hate relationship with them. When everything worked it was incredible, and when they didn’t and could not fix them I hated it.

I wanted to become more than just someone that was basically reporting numbers without any real meaning of the how and why.  I also wanted to understand what influenced someone to buy from a website.

My journey as a WordPress Designer and Developer and internet marketer has led me down a path of working on small, medium, and collaborations on large projects.

I enjoy taking a holistic marketing approach to use SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Analytics to drive website traffic.