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4 Reasons Small Businesses Need to Engage In Public Relations

Companies that integrate a well-crafted public relationship strategy along with their other advertising, sales promotions, and personal selling will send a consistent message to their customers and community. Introduce new products to your customers Do you know how to announce to your customers that you have having an amazing sale on your current merchandise or [...]

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10 Simple Ways To Earn Your Customers Trust

Do Not Waste Your Customers Time As our society in general loses some of the courtesy and respect previous generations showed one another, I think we are well served to raise our awareness of other people’s time, personal schedule, and needs. This concept translates to: Promptly returning phone calls. Promptly replying to emails and thoroughly addressing [...]

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The Mission Statement – Create your strategic business plan step by step – Part 1

Creating your mission statement Your mission statement is going to be a guide for your entire business plan.  It is going to remind you why you decided to get into business.  In about one or two well hell even three sentences (remember it is your business plan) you will tie it all together about who [...]

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